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Visit Turkey: Istanbul Travel Guide


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Istanbul Best Picture

If you are interested in Why go to Istanbul? What can I eat in Istanbul? Where should ı visit in Istanbul? And want to know Istanbul’s highlights; you are in the right place. Here is Istanbul travel guide!…

Travel Plan For Istanbul

First of all you have to decide how much day you will spend in Istanbul. There are dozens place in Istanbul that you should visit. Because of that you must stay at least 3-4 day in here. If you enjoy visiting historical places, tasting new flavours, having a spa, nightlife and shopping; you really need a week.

Things To Do In Istanbul

Basilica Cistern: The largest surviving Byzantine cistern in Istanbul. Atmosphere of this place with medusa vibe will amaze you.

Sultanahmet: One of the most fabulous mosques in Istanbul.

At Meydani: The former location of the “Hippodrome of Constantinople”.

Ibrahim Pasa Palace: Museum featuring a quite imprresive collection of calligraphy and rugs.

Istanbul Archaeology Museums: Museum of the Tiled Pavilion, Ancient Orient, Archaeological Museum.(So special exhibits)

Ayasofya: The most iconic site in Istanbul for Christians and once considered the greatest church in Christendom. It is one of the glorious
structure in world.

Galata Kulesi: Even things you can do near Galata is enough to spend a half day in there.

Also, you should definitely do a Bosphorus Tour. Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Witnessing this stunning view is something you can never forget.

What Should I Eat In Istanbul?

There is literally too many foods special to Istanbul so, you can’t experience all off them in one week but there is a solution for that. I will introduce you famous gourmet Vedat Milor with you. His list of fabulous places to eat in Istanbul is perfect. You should really look into it.

Travel Tips

  1. When and How Much to Tip: Tipping is modest in Turkey, around 5% at inexpensive, regular restaurants and 10-15% at fine dining establishments.
  2. Use an Istanbulkart: You should get one to save some money because it is a nice way to travel in Istanbul. Also, DO NOT TRUST TAXI’S. Make sure they open taximeter. They might over charge you so, be careful.
  3. Learn About Museums: You should visit the page and learn about museum’s closed times.
  4. Sleep less, travel and have fun more.

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