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A Traditional Recipe That Has Been Subject Of Movies; Turkish Delight


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When people heard about Turkey, first thing that hits their mind is Turkish Delight. Here is everything you need to know about Turkish Delight. Here is everything you may learn about Turkish Delight and it’s recipe!

Edmund Pevensie of Narnia had great palate so he asked for Turkish Delight (Lokum) to The Ice Queen.

When people thinks about Republic of Turkey, Turkish Delight is the first thing that hits their mind. Turkish delight is invented in 18th century upon request of Sultan I. Abdülhamit. According to some sources Sultan had tough times by eating hard candy (Akide Şekeri). He decided to make meeting with most talented Cheffs of City and He told the Cheffs that hard candy is scratching his throat and he made them trying new recipes to change that hard candies for softer ones. which leads to the invention of Turkish Delight. In that times Turkish Delight was calling Rahat-ul Hulkum because Hulkum means throat in Arabic and Rahat means Relief so Rahat-ul Hulkum means Reliefed Throat. While Rahat-ul Hulkum was spreating among the people, the name had evolved to Lokum in Turkey. Now i am going to give you the recipe of Rose Turkish Delight which is a kind of Turkish Delight.

ingredients for this fascinating recipe;

  • 500 ml water
  • 600 gr granulated sugar
  • a few drops of lemon or a piece of bir parça citric acid (i prefer using citric acid generally)
  • 200 ml rose water
  • 140 gr starch (you can use either rice starch or potato starch)
  • red food coloring (it depends on your request)

for topping;

  • 100 gr starch
  • 140 gr powdered sugar


1. Get a pot and put 500 ml water, 600 gr granulated sugar and lemon juice in that pot. Let them boil.

2. Start diluting starch with 200 ml rose water. You can put food coloring in this mixture if you want to. When it is compeletly mixed put that mixture in the boiling mixture and stir it very fastly for almost 7 minutes.

3. Let this new mixture to stay on stove for 30 minutes more but you have to stir it time to time for not letting it to burn.

4. Please put cooking parchement paper (also called baking paper) in rectangular tray after that you can put the Turkish Delight mixture in that tray.

5. Let that hot mixture to cool down to room temperature then put it in fridge for one hour.

6. take it from fridge and cut them in equal square pieces.

7. Mix powdered sugar and strach then pour it on Turkish Delight pieces. Make sure every square pieces has powdered sugar mix all over them.

8. Let Turkish delights to rest almost half day then enjoy it :).

Note: The good thing about this recipe is that you can change the flavor as you like. Lemon, even pomegranate, strawberry. And if you want, you can put nuts in each piece while it’s still hot in the tray.

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